Wednesday, 29 November 2017


My W.I.T. blog post
My W.I.T. (wildly important task) was about volunteering and making a positive impact on others. My group wanted to send Christmas cards to Soldiers. My wit group was Tara and Sylvia. First we had to write some need statements and turn it into questions. Then we had to call a lady who could send the cards to soldiers that she knows.

NEXT WE COULD START THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE WIT making the cards. First I made one that said merry Christmas and had presents on the bottom.Then I did one that said..From humble beginnings come great things. And then for my third one I did one with a Christmas tree and it also said merry Christmas .We had to write a letter inside. Robyn sent the card through school to the soldiers.

It feels really good to know that we are making someone's else's Christmas even more awesome this year.

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