Wednesday, 29 November 2017


My W.I.T. blog post
My W.I.T. (wildly important task) was about volunteering and making a positive impact on others. My group wanted to send Christmas cards to Soldiers. My wit group was Tara and Sylvia. First we had to write some need statements and turn it into questions. Then we had to call a lady who could send the cards to soldiers that she knows.

NEXT WE COULD START THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE WIT making the cards. First I made one that said merry Christmas and had presents on the bottom.Then I did one that said..From humble beginnings come great things. And then for my third one I did one with a Christmas tree and it also said merry Christmas .We had to write a letter inside. Robyn sent the card through school to the soldiers.

It feels really good to know that we are making someone's else's Christmas even more awesome this year.

My first game of hockey
I remember when…….
I played my first  hockey game.
When I walked out of the car I could hear the other hockey players yell out to each other asking for the ball. I could see the water sliding up off the turf from the hockey stick tackling the other player.I could feel the breezy wind blowing against me and my family.When I played the game I ended up scoring 2 goals.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

These are my favourite biscuits if you have never tried them  I hope you do.

Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 10.00.39 AM.png
1 .favorite:mallowpuffs
I like mellow puffs because i like the flavor of yummy mouthwatering marshmallow and delicious chocolate on top.I also like them because they are sweet and tasty and squishy in my mouth.

Image result for louise slice2.favorite:louise slice
the best part about louise slice is the coconut and the jam.sometimes when i go to my nana's house she makes louise slice for me.i dont get it very often so it's a real treat for me.

                                     Afghans Image result for afghan biscuits
I like afghans because of all the CHOCOLATE.the 1 thing i just don't like  is the nut on top.once before a hockey game my mum bought me one with no nut but instead it had sprinkles.  

Mallowpuffs are my very favorite because there is marshmallow inside and chocolate.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Why you should not eat shapes!Screenshot 2017-11-01 at 12.09.05 PM.png
We all like shapes but when  you realize what is in them you might not want to have them so often.the world health organisation sets health levels and shapes does not meet this.
How much sugar is in shapes: 6.9g per 100g.
If the sugar in your food is under 10g it is exceptional  and if it is over ten in can be terrible  for you and  you could get diabetes. Shapes is under 10g because it is a savoury food.

How much Sodium/salt in shapes: 853 mg
In your food the sodium has to be under 400g to be healthy but if it is over it's not healthy. Shapes are over 400g in sodium so if you have too much it could lead you to a heart attack .

How much fat in shapes: 18.6g
In your food the fat has to be under 10g per 100g just like the sugar. If you have too much fat in your food you could get diabetes or get very sick. In shapes it is over 10g so it is not good for you.

Overall this snack does not tick any healthy boxes and it is definitely a treat food to have a little.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

our WIT


WIT Our wit was to make a child friendly invertebrate resource to help identify a invertebrate in the Frankley School bush. My groups resource was a book.our book talks about all different group was Sylvia and Tara.we had to write Questions and google words like adaptation and invertebrate to see what they meant. Then we had to go in the bush and make a trap for bugs. And then we had to make the resource (which was a book).then we had to sent an email to a entomologist to make sure the information was correct.and then share the resource with the class.when we had finished our resoure we interved some students from 10/11. they thought we could of done a hard cover book but they thought it was really cool.I thought my group worked ok I did think that we could do better because there were only 2 people getting a job to do and 1 just did nothing.